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May 11

Podcast Pillowfort Ep12 – The Dream of the 90’s

Welcome to episode 12 of PODCAST PILLOWFORT, the podcast about podcasts.  In this episode, we talk about whats new and making news in podcastland, Portland related podcasts, we talk blow our horns and celebrate a not so tiny triumph, and wrap up, with what we’ve learned this week. Grab your headphones, a beer and a doughnut, …

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Dec 28

PPFt: Podcast Pillowfort Mini – Radiolab Shorts

Welcome to PPFt, your quick discussion about short podcasts. In this PPFt mini episode, we talk about Radiolab Shorts. There are 2 types of short podcasts: podcasts that have shorter versions of their episode normal shows, such as Pop Culture Happy Hour, Extra Hot Great, Radiolab) and those which are short to begin with like 2 …

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Dec 19

Serial is over….now what?

Today the last episode of Serial dropped. This juggernaut of a show has made Sarah Keonig a household name, broken download records and inspired countless discussions both online and around water-coolers all over the globe. But with episode 12 finished, many are asking, ‘what the hell am I going to listen to now?’ Well, here at …

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Dec 08

Podcast Pillowfort Ep05 – All Segments Special

Welcome back to Podcast Pillowfort, the podcast about podcasts. This being our 5th episode,  we thought we’d take a break from our normal format and try something a little different. You’ve heard us mention Good Job Brain before (the weekly quiz and offbeat trivia podcast) and on that show they take every 5th show and do …

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