Podcast Networks

A very incomplete list of podcast networks. Most of the descriptions are by the networks themselves.

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All Things Comedy– “We are lots of things: a robust outlet for podcasts and other media; a resource for information about your favorite performers; a place for passionate conversation about comedians and comedy; a digital hub for the distribution of merchandise; and a studio for the creation of innovative branded content.”

5by5 Studios– “An Internet broadcast network for geeks, designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs, corporate stooges and technophiles”

BBC– Shows and podasts from British Broadcasting Corporation

Benview Network– ‘A pop culture and comedy based podcast network featuring Benson’s Boombox, Nerd’s Eye View, Pop Sickles, Midnight Marinara, and more’

Carolla Digital– The Adam Carolla Show, The Dr. Drew Show, We The People with Jesse Vantura, etc

Cave Comedy Radio– “The Cave Comedy Radio Podcast Network exists solely to give a voice to New York City’s best alternative and underground comedic talents.”

CBC– Podcasts from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Earwolf– “Earwolf is a company devoted to creating the best, funniest digital content in the world, created by comedy mastermind Scott Aukerman (“Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis”, IFC) & mysterious business-mensch Jeff Ullrich.”

Electric Shadow Network– ESN podcasts are all about storytelling. Founded by Moisés Chiullán in February 2014, the network’s mission is to sustainably develop compelling content around unique personalities.




Feral Audio– “Feral Audio is a podcast collective and art co-operative based in Los Angeles, CA, with volunteers all across North America.” Shows like Harmontown and Improv Nerd

FrogPants Studios– “founded by artist and podcaster, Scott Johnson. Here you’ll find information about all of the FrogPants projects, including comics, web art, illustration, podcasts, and more”

Geek Actually Network– Film, comics and podcasts, oh my!

Gimlet Media– “Gimlet Media is a network of high-quality, narrative podcasts. In 2014, we launched StartUp and Reply All, with more shows on the way. It’s irresistible audio in your pocket.”

Good Stuff FM– “A broadcast network featuring the best of technology, culture, news and more”

Hookturn– ‘Everything we have here has been curated, planned and edited before going out into the world. We don’t want to waste your time—which we think is precious—with content that is only OK.’


Idle Thumbs– “Idle Thumbs is home to several podcasts hosted by some guys from the video game industry”

The Incomparable– “A collection of pop culture podcasts full of smart, funny people who love talking about TV, movies, books, comics, games, and much more.”

Infinite Guest– podcast network from American Public Media

Jupiter Broadcasting– “Independent coverage of Linux, Bitcoin, System Administration, network security, software development and gaming”

KCRW– “KCRW creates and curates a unique mix of content centered around music discovery, NPR news, cultural exploration and informed public affairs”


Mammoth Audio– Business, sport and comedy podcasts

Maximum Fun– Maximum Fun is an independent podcast and radio show production organization founded and run by Jesse Thorn.”

Misfitrad.io– “Producers of broadcast programming for creative people, advertising folk, entrepreneurs, pop culture nerds, and people who just love podcasts”

Mule Radio Syndicate– “from our ass to your ears”

Nerdist Industries– “A podcast network including the flagship Nerdist Podcast that averages 4.8M monthly downloads”

Noodle MX Network– A network of Internet radio shows  that challenge you to think, encourage you to laugh, and enable you to succeed. All of our shows are clean and family-friendly (though some episodes may cover more mature discussions).

OzPodcasts Network– All Aussie podcasts

Pod Gods Network– ‘The Global Podcast Network Featuring: comedy, movies, banter, sports, pop culture, interviews, news, music and more’

Radio National– Aussie podcasts from the ABC

Radiotopia– From PRX, a collective of story-driven podcasts

Riotcast– A collection of comedy podcasts

NPR– National Public Radio in the US

NSFRadio– funny, Aussie podcasts

The Podcast Network– This network has the honour of having produced the very first Aussie podcast in 2004 (G’Day World, now known as No Illusions)

Podcast One– Comedy, radio, politics, society, sports, film/TV, health, and more

Quick and Dirty Tips– create “digital content that offers short, actionable advice from friendly and informed authorities that will help you succeed at work and in life”

Relay FM–  “An independent podcast network for people who are creative, curious and maybe even a little obsessive — just like its hosts. With topics ranging from Apple to pens and paper, Relay FM brings together some of the most influential — and unique — voices on the Internet to create powerful content, each and every week”



Sanspants Radio– Home of Plumbing the Death Star and Shut Up A Second.

Sideshow Network– Comedy, lifestyle, film/tv, and sports podcasts

Slate– “A daily magazine on the web. Founded in 1996, we are a general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about politics, news, business, technology, and culture.”

Soundsworks– The podcasting network of Public Radio International

SModcast Internet Radio– Podcast network created by Kevin Smith

TWiT.TV- “Since 2005, the shows have provided news, commentary, help, how-to and perspective on the latest trends in digital tech from seasoned experts and journalists”

WBEZ– This American Life, Serial, Nerdette, etc

WNYC– Radiolab, All Things Considered, Ask Me Another

The Wellness Couch– Podcasts about health, wellness, exercise, eating and lifestyle

Wolfpop– “Wolfpop features host-driven programs that give world-class and rising talent an unfiltered platform to share their passions and stories with humor and depth.”


Let us know if were missing any networks or we need to make any corrections. Thanks!


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