Pillowfort Hall Of Fame

Here in the Pillowfort we like to recognise those shows that stand out from the crowd. Shows that combine great content, unique themes, amazing energy and host chemistry.

No easy feat, huh? Enjoy!


PodcastDescriptionInductedGenre(s)Why should you listen?
Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler est 2011On Ep09 - This is How We Get AntsInterview, comedyGirl on Guy is a stellar interview show but is is so much more. Host Aisha Tyler loves making this podcast and it shows. She gets to talk to her favourite people and showcase their work
News From Lake Wobegon est 1974 (as part of the radio show Prairie Home Companion) and hosted by Garrison KeillorOn Ep07 – Return of the Hall of FameComedy, storytelling, radioIt's a mix old school storytelling, Minnesota accents, and dash of Welcome to Night Vale absurdity thrown in. This is the granddaddy of radio shows and deserves a revisit.
99% Invisible est 2010 and hosted by Roman MarsOn Ep02 - 99% AwesomeDesign, built environmentSaying this is just a show about design is like saying that Kanye just likes himself a little bit. This show is about the world we live in and how we all affect it. Oh, and Roman Mars' voice is awesome.
The Smartest Man in the World est 2010 and hosted by Greg ProopsOn Ep01 –Snacks in the PillowfortSnacks in the PillowfortComedy, politics, wild boarsGreg is one of the sharpest, funniest and apologetically opinionated comedians in the business AND his show inspired the name of this show win/win

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