Feb 21

Podcast Pillowfort Ep08 – The Eightening


Podcast Pillowfort Cover ArtFrom the Geek Actually Studios this is the PODCAST PILLOWFORT, the podcast about podcasts.

In this weeks episode, we talk all about what’s been happening in the world of podcasts, we send two music related podcasts into the Pillowfort Smackdown and we finish up as always with things we learned this week

So grab your headphones, a tall drink and join us in the Pillowfort.

Your Hosts: Amy Barker and Richard Gray


The Show

New and News

Serial’ subject Adnan Syed granted appeal by Maryland court

The Washington has a new Post Pop-up Pop podcast (say that three times fast)

Podcast Smackdown: The Music Edition

Pitch– . Hosts Whitney Jones and Alex Kapelman talk about how music effects us all. See episodes about The Clearmountain Pause, Moutly and Do It Yourself which features the music of Rabbit Rabbit.


The Great Albums  with hosts Bill Lambusta and Brian Erickson discuss their favorite music through the lens of the medium they care for most, the album.See episodes about Let It Be by the Replacements, The Blue Album by Weezer and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco

Things We Learned This Week

Richard – Did you know? REM’s Peter Buck was the guitarist on

Amy – I was loving listening to all of the podcasters talking about the Grammy Awards including the aforementioned Washington Post Pop-up pop podcast and Pop Rocket from Maximum Fun (and here is that performance by Annie Lennox Guy spoke about)

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