Dec 08

Podcast Pillowfort Ep05 – All Segments Special

Podcast Pillowfort Episode 4 - The All Segments Show

Podcast Pillowfort Cover ArtWelcome back to Podcast Pillowfort, the podcast about podcasts.

This being our 5th episode,  we thought we’d take a break from our normal format and try something a little different. You’ve heard us mention Good Job Brain before (the weekly quiz and offbeat trivia podcast) and on that show they take every 5th show and do an ‘All Quiz Bonanza’. So we’re shamelessly stealing that idea and re-appropriating it here. We’re going to try taking this, our 5th show and just look at those segments that have stuck with us. Not looking at a show as a whole, but just at the segments. Now these might be segments from shows we’ve talked about in the previously but they just didn’t quite make it or they might be from something we’ve listened to in the last fortnight, but we are learning as we go here, so grab those beverages and join us in the Pillowfort.

On our first Podcast Pillowfort All Segments Show

Your Hosts: Amy Barker and Richard Gray

The Show

Amy’s segments

  • Working with David Plotz (from Slate magazine)
  • Radiolab  with Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich
    • Episode 279- Anjelica Huston, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Glyn Johns Small Talk

Richard’s segments


You lovely people, you  – plus our deepest apologies for the stuff we got wrong

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The Rest…

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