Nov 21

Podcast Pillowfort Ep04 – The Barnacle and the Pony

Podcast Pillowfort Episode 4 - The Barnacle and the Pony

Podcast Pillowfort Cover ArtWelcome back to Podcast Pillowfort, the podcast about podcasts.

Coming up in this episode, we look what’s new, news and notable things in the podcasting world, we will both report back on the podcasts that we pitched last time, we will send to podcasts into the Podcast Smackdown and finally we will look at what we learned this week

So grab your headphones, a tall drink and join us in the pillowfort.


The Show

New and News

Podcast Smackdown

Introducing in the blue box corner, coming in at 100 episodes and wearing the black trunks it’s the Doctor Who Verity Podcast! and in the other corner, coming in 13 episodes and wearing the yellow trunks it’s Gilmore Guys: A Gilmore Girls Stars Hallowcast!

Other Doctor Who links

Other Gilmore Girls links

The Pitch (Redux)

Amy and Richard previous tried to sell each other on one of their favourite podcasts. Amy jumps inside a Film Sack, while Richard reports back on The Read. 

What I Learned This Week

Amy and Richard do some self-teaching out there in podland


You lovely people, you.

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The Rest…

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Theme music used in this episode is called “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” and “Serial Ball”, the remix of the Serial theme/Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball”